Det perfektioniske mennesker

Endnu en test er taget, som jeg har set hos Shevy, som også selv har taget testen. Generelt er jeg ganske tilfreds med testen. Hvad med dig?

Your Five Factor Personality Profile

You have low extroversion.

You are quiet and reserved in most social situations.

A low key, laid back lifestyle is important to you.

You tend to bond slowly, over time, with one or two people.


You have medium conscientiousness.

You’re generally good at balancing work and play.

When you need to buckle down, you can usually get tasks done.

But you’ve been known to goof off when you know you can get away with it.


You have medium agreeableness.

You’re generally a friendly and trusting person.

But you also have a healthy dose of cynicism.

You get along well with others, as long as they play fair.


You have low neuroticism.

You are very emotionally stable and mentally together.

Only the greatest setbacks upset you, and you bounce back quickly.

Overall, you are typically calm and relaxed – making others feel secure.

Openness to experience:

Your openness to new experiences is medium.

You are generally broad minded when it come to new things.

But if something crosses a moral line, there’s no way you’ll approve of it.

You are suspicious of anything too wacky, though you do still consider creativity a virtue.

The Five Factor Personality Test


4 responses to “Det perfektioniske mennesker

  1. Mit resultat blev nøjagtig magen til dit!

  2. Skummelt 😉 – tilgengæld kunne jeg ikke ramme Shevy’s test. Sådan er det bare…

  3. Ja, der var jeg så lidt for hurtig. Jeg er åbenbart lidt mere neurotisk end dig 😉

    You have medium neuroticism.
    You’re generally cool and collected, but sometimes you do panic.
    Little worries or problems can consume you, draining your energy.
    Your life is pretty smooth, but there’s a few emotional bumps you’d like to get rid of.

  4. Godt at vide, er der er plads til os alle 🙂

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